Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hey folks...just wanted you to know that I'm tinkering around with my blog a little bit. I noticed tonight that things seemed out of alignment. Different elements were running into each other. Now, I am far from being technologically savvy, so I am asking for your patience while I try to figure things out! I kind of fall at the other end of the spectrum, otherwise know as technologically challenged. lol  At first, I thought it had something to do with the background I was using, but that doesn't seem to be the case. sigh. Figures it wouldn't be that easy of a fix!

I can't quite seem to figure out the templates, which is frustrating me! I have tried using several of the "newer" ones and they all seem to want to put my page elements in one column. All of my sidebar gadgets are being put under the posts...even when I am choosing the layouts that clearly show separate columns for my gadgets. I've tried the "older" layouts as well, and this one seems to be the only one that is working properly for me. It's pretty clean and simple...but I think I kind of like it this way!

If anybody should happen to have some words of wisdom to share, I'd definitely appreciate it! I get a little nervous playing around with things, as I don't want to do something catastrophic like wiping my whole blog clean! yikes...that would be BAD!

That's it for me tonight! I had hoped to get some colouring done after watching So You Think You Can Dance with my daughter Ainsleigh...oh my goodness this season has been amazing, and the finale is tomorrow!! But instead of colouring, I ended up sitting on the computer fiddling around with for now, I'm just going to leave my blog as is. I have several projects to get done over the next few days, so I think my time might be better spent with markers in hand! lol

Hope you all have a wonderful night!



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Christine aka blankiefinder said...

Hi Melanie,

You can back up a copy of your current blog by going into Design then Edit HTML. At the top of that page there is a link to Download Full Template. There is also a link there to upload a template from your computer (which is how you would upload your saved template if you needed to later, I assume... I've never had to upload one of my saved backups before!)

For editing my layout, I like to play in the Blogger Draft mode. You can get there from the bottom of your blogger dashboard page (Look for Blogger In Draft) or by going directly to From there you can play around, and nothing on your blog changes until you select to save. Beside the blog you want to change layouts, in the dropdown select Template. From there, you can save a backup, upload, or select one of the many templates there. Once you pick a template you can play with the layout of that look, including number of sidebars and width of your sidebars and main column, etc. If you'd like help with anything, send me an email and I will do what I can :) Hugs,